~【8/17 終了】 Special Free Seminar in NY~

by Japanese food specialists

Aug 17th Sun 2014

A food Seminar by Japanese Food Specialists will be held in New York on 17th Aug

in a popular Japanese restaurant in Brooklyn.

【Special Free Seminar in NY】

Date:Aug 17th Sun 2014 10:00-11:30

Place:Hibino Brooklyn Japanese Restaurant

-333 Henry Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Speaker:Fuminori Matsuura, Yumie Osada

M・O Style of Acupuncture
Unique Approach to Health

- Acclaimed by Patients and Practitioners


-Healthy eating guidance and Oriental medicine approach-

"What you want to eat right now suggests the state of your body!"
Don't you wish to master such dietary guidance? In this seminar,

we've added dietary therapy for stress effectivity.

Based on the theme of "Innovative Dietary Guidelines",

we will teach you some unfamiliar combinations of food,

amazingly effective way to eat with small change, and how to have the glow of health.

We are in need of real knowledge in this time in our lives.
In this kind of stressful society, we should reconsider what is "health,

living and eating". Also we will lecture simple free treatment

from the Oriental medical perspective.
This seminar is enjoyable for anyone. I look forward to meeting you all.